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What's happening with okc?

Submit your input about how OKC should grow through April 5
Thank you to everyone who attended a okcc workshop to share their input on how Oklahoma City should grow. ....more

Can’t attend a workshop? Participate online.
If you can’t make it to a okc workshop to provide input about how Oklahoma City should grow, take the online version now. ....more

Attend a planokc Workshop March 24 – April 1
Attend a okc workshop to view examples of ways Oklahoma City could accommodate an additional 300,000 people and 170,000 jobs over the next 40 years and provide input about how we should grow. ....more

What is okc?

Oklahoma City is developing a new comprehensive plan, called okc. It is a long-range plan with the goal of ensuring a healthy environment, community, and economy for our residents. okc is for the entire city – all 621 square miles. There are eight elements of okc. Learn more about each one by clicking on the element name above.

The plan is expected to be adopted in 2014. Implementation of the plan will require citizens, City staff, and public and private organizations to work together and make sure the goals and policies of okc are accomplished.

Get involved with okc! Click ‘Public Involvement’ to learn about all opportunities to participate in the planning process.

Why should okc matter to me?

okc will guide the decisions that affect the choices you will have in the future about places to live, work, learn, shop, and play.